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    HMS Swift - an experimental torpedo boat


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    HMS Swift - an experimental torpedo boat  Empty HMS Swift - an experimental torpedo boat

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    HMS Swift - an experimental torpedo boat  Mpl1538

    HMS Swift - an experimental torpedo boat launched in 1885, widely regarded as one of the forerunners of later destroyers.

    "Swift" was designed and built at the J. Samuel White shipyard as a private initiative of that company. Compared to the torpedo boats of the time, which had a typical displacement of several dozen tons and were armed only with torpedo launchers, "Swift" was much larger (137 tons displacement) and had artillery armament in the form of six (according to other sources[1] - four) 3-pounder (47mm) cannons. Larger displacement gave "Swift" better seaworthiness in comparison with smaller torpedo boats, which at comparable maximum speed allowed her to intercept boats of this type and destroy them with artillery fire.

    The Admiralty of the Royal Navy purchased "Swift" in 1885, even before the speed trials, in which with a minimum load the ship reached about 23 knots. Work on her completion, as well as debate over her armament and role, continued until 1887, when she entered service as TB81, initiating a short-lived type of torpedo boat catcher.

    In 1901 the torpedo boat was seriously damaged, running aground, and in 1905 she received new boilers and machinery, and her armament was reduced by one gun[2].

    "Swift" took part in World War I, during which she was additionally equipped with hydrophones and a depth bomb launcher.

    She was sold for scrap on 22 October 1921.

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